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Virtual Lessons Now Available!

Introducing virtual lessons by Casey Curtis, your pathway to tennis mastery from the comfort of your own home courts! With Curtis Tennis, you can now enjoy personalized coaching sessions with Casey Curtis, a renowned tennis expert, right at your fingertips.


Meet Coach Casey Curtis


Casey Curtis is recognized as one of the top developmental coaches in all of North America. He has coached several National champions including Milos Raonic from the ages of 8-17. 

A California native, Coach Curtis has lived and worked in Canada for more than 35 years.  After playing on the men’s singles circuit in Europe for two years, Curtis moved to Toronto where he coached tennis while completing an undergraduate degree at York University.
Curtis’ love for the game of tennis and his own tournament playing experiences, combined with his impeccable knowledge of technique and ability to translate that knowledge to his students, make for a rare combination in the sport of tennis.



"Casey "coach" Curtis helped me immensely to realize my potential. He laid the foundation for me as a player for the early years in my career. He helped me through many formative challenges in a career. He went beyond to be on court with me to help me fulfill my dreams. On top of all this, he set the tone to help me mature and grow up quickly, which helped me on and off the court. Casey has an incredible knowledge of the sport but also he instills hard work and discipline. 

He has dedicated his life to tennis and he invests himself and his time to help tennis players to develop their game. He cares and he will do anything to help you improve and always tries his best to help you reach for potential."

  • Milos Raonic, ATP Pro

Casey has spent over 35 years developing and coaching some of Canada's best tennis players. The impact he has had on his students and families has been significant and meaningful as he helped develop their character on and off the courts and has helped coach so many champions. He is very caring, hard working, committed, extremely knowledgeable and loves what he is doing. This passion is contagious as he works to help his players be the best and reach their potential. Casey has also played an important and critical role in the historic success of Canadian tennis over the years. He helped develop Milos Raonic into a world class player. Milos soared under Casey's guidance and ultimately made the finals of Wimbledon and achieved a #3 ATP world singles ranking. One of Casey's greatest qualities is his vision and belief in his players. This is backed up with unwavering commitment to his players, attention to details and exceptional understanding of technique and tactics that are best suited for his players. Lastly, Casey is a straight shooter that will call it the way it is and this honestly has helped earn the respect and appreciation of his peers, colleagues and players. Thank you Casey for all your contributions as Canadian tennis is grateful for all you have accomplished. 

  •  Hatem McDadi, Senior Vice President, High Performance Development Tennis Canada

I worked with Casey throughout my whole childhood. Casey has a very special eye for spotting and demanding the little details that can make a huge difference in your game. Casey helped me a lot technically. I think it's so crucial that he develops and ingrains technique at a young age. He creates an amazing all court foundation for you that you need for your pro career. He works everyone very hard and demands a lot out of you because he cares a lot for his players. I wouldn't be the player I would be without Casey coaching me for more than a decade. 

  • Liam Draxl, ATP top 500, #1 NCAA singles

“I judge a coach by the player he develops. At 13, Milos had a complete game with professional-level skills. This does not happen by accident or coincidence. It is forged by countless hours of hard work and an unwavering attention to detail…”

  • Jon Sorbo, Former Canadian National Men’s Head Coach

Casey has made a major impact on my tennis game and fundamentals. Every single lesson I had with him, we would either start off with volleys or serves and I think that is so important because the serve is one of the most important shots in tennis. Coach Curtis has the best tennis eye out of any coach I have ever worked with. He is a specialist at technique and you can see that in all of the players that he has coached. Casey has always believed in me and told me since I was 10 years old that I could achieve anything in tennis that I wanted. I definitely wouldn't have the fundamentals and technique that I have now if it wasn't for Coach Curtis. 

  • Layne Sleeth, Career high #574 in WTA, #4 NCAA in singles

“Casey was a student of the game and watched tennis and thought about tennis technique constantly. He was relentless in his pursuit of knowledge, so I’m not surprised that he has turned out to be such a fine tennis teacher…he is truly a treasure to Canadian Tennis.”

  • Rich Anderson, Former Coach


Milos Raonic and Liam Draxl 

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