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Milos Raonic & Liam Draxl 

      Meet Coach Casey Curtis 

Casey Curtis is recognized as one of the top developmental coaches in all of North America. He is the primary developmental coach behind several ATP and WTA players including Milos Raonic from the ages of 8-17.

 A California native, Coach Curtis has lived and worked in Canada for more than 35 years.  After playing on the men’s singles circuit in Europe for two years, Curtis moved to Toronto where he coached tennis while completing an undergraduate degree at York University.Curtis’ love for the game of tennis and his own tournament playing experiences, combined with his impeccable knowledge of technique and ability to translate that knowledge to his students, make for a rare combination in the sport of tennis.

Milos Raonic - Former World #3


"Casey "coach" Curtis helped me immensely to realize my potential. He laid the foundation for me as a player for the early years in my career. He helped me through many formative challenges in a career. He went beyond to be on court with me to help me fulfill my dreams. On top of all this, he set the tone to help me mature and grow up quickly, which helped me on and off the court. Casey has an incredible knowledge of the sport but also he instills hard work and discipline. 

He has dedicated his life to tennis and he invests himself and his time to help tennis players to develop their game. He cares and he will do anything to help you improve and always tries his best to help you reach for potential."

Virtual Lessons Now Available!

Introducing virtual lessons by Casey Curtis, your pathway to tennis mastery from the comfort of your own home courts! With Curtis Tennis, you can now enjoy personalized coaching sessions with Casey Curtis, a renowned tennis expert, right at your fingertips.

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