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Direct Access to Coach Casey Curtis from Anywhere in the World

"Casey Curtis is up there as one of the best coaches, especially on the serve. I am sure he can help anyone serve better and improve in a relatively short period of time."

- Milos Raonic, Former ATP #3

"Casey's virtual method really helped me take my serve to the point where I know I can hold. Casey approached things from a variety of different angles. He helped technically, how to practice, targets and patterns, and the way to really attack with your second serve. My confidence is higher than ever with my serve and it's because of Casey and his efforts. I wouldn't have thought you could accomplish so much using video conference but it was incredible. Let's go!" 

- Chase Thompson (13 UTR rating, Top 25 Junior Recruit)

"We have repeatedly tried to improve the serve to the point where it can be world class. This is far from an easy task. Casey's approach cannot be understated. He breaks things down into easy, yet highly effective training points. Not only technical points of emphasis but also just understanding the tactics that can lead into holding serve. We come from a region loaded with incredible coaches yet Casey's virtual approach was the one who finally nailed it. We now have a world class serve that continues to get better by the day."

- Bill Thompson, father of Chase Thompson

Over the years we have had many players contact us from all over the world looking to learn from Coach Casey Curtis.

Traveling for just a few lessons might not always be the best solution, BUT with Virtual Lessons you are now able to schedule personal one-on-one lessons with Coach Casey Curtis! 

With Virtual Lessons Coach Curtis will help you develop a serve you never imagined was possible! Personalized instruction from one of the worlds top coaches.

How To Get Started

STEP 1: Book an appointment with Coach Curtis.
STEP 2: After receiving the confirmation email take a video of you serving and send it to Coach Curtis. He will analyze your serve for 15 minutes to best help you during the lesson. 
STEP 3: After sending the video, Coach Curtis will then email you to set up a time that works well for both parties.


Virtual Tennis Lessons

  • 45 minute lesson + 15 minute serve analysis

    1 hr

    250 US dollars

Direct access to Coach Casey Curtis, anywhere.

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