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Direct access to Coach Casey Curtis. Anywhere.

Over the years we have had many players contact us from out of town or out of the country, looking to learn from Coach Curtis. 

Traveling for a few lessons isn't practical, BUT with Virtual Lessons you are now able to schedule personal one-on-one lessons with Coach Curtis.

  • Are you looking to learn the serve that brought Milos Raonic to #3 in the world?

  • Need to improve your ground strokes?

  • Or are you looking for guidance and a road map to success? 

With Virtual Lessons you can receive all that and more! Personalized instruction from one of Canada's top coaches from anywhere in the world!

Here's how it works


Video explanation

Step 1 - Contact Us

Schedule a 30minute lesson

Install ZOOM on your phone so that you will be ready to go once your lesson is scheduled.

Step 2 - Scheduling Your Lesson

Once we received your message, Casey will contact you via the email to schedule a time that works for both of you.

Step 3 - Setting up for your lesson

  1. Set up a tri-pod to film yourself, which will allow Coach Casey to see your entire stroke and footwork, etc. or Have a friend or family member film you while you hit or have balls fed to you.

  2. For best result we recommend you use wireless headphones, this will help Coach Curtis give you feedback in real-time without having to put your phone on speaker.

Step 4 - Starting your lesson

Once everything is setup and your connected to Coach Curtis your lesson will begin as if he was standing there next to you.​

You will be amazed with the amount of improvement you can get from a single Virtual Lesson with Coach Curtis

Here's a before and after video of one of our players. Everything he/she changed was done Virtually from 2 different countries thousands of km's away.



1 Hour Lesson with Coach Curtis

$1000 CAN
1 Hour Virtual Lesson
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